Easy Cheesy Roasted Poblano Chicken Dip Recipe

Last weekend, I had a small get-together at my neighbor’s house, and I knew I couldn’t show up empty-handed. However, with no time for a grocery run, I had to get creative with what I had in my fridge. Fortunately, I had a rotisserie chicken from yesterday that I had planned to use for crema […]

Mojarra Frita: A Simple Colombian Delight

Frying a whole fish can be an intimidating task, especially when it comes to traditional dishes that carry memories of home and family. However, I recently rediscovered how simple and enjoyable it can be to recreate one of my favorite Colombian dishes, Mojarra Frita, right in my own kitchen. Paired with arroz de coco and […]

Korean Steamed Eggs: A Delicious and Nutritious Recipe

Korean cuisine is renowned for its flavorful dishes and health benefits, and one of its hidden gems is the humble Korean steamed egg, also known as Gyeranjjim. This savory and silky dish is a perfect comfort food, and it’s incredibly easy to make. Today, I’ll share my recipe for Korean steamed eggs that incorporates chicken […]

Toddler & Tired Mom Recipes: Arroz con Habichuelas

Hello, fellow moms! If you’re anything like me, juggling the demands of motherhood often means relying on easy, comforting recipes made from pantry staples. Tonight, I’m sharing a beloved childhood dish that is both simple and heartwarming—Arroz con Habichuelas (Rice and Beans). It’s perfect for busy evenings and a hit with the whole family, including […]