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As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for meals that are not only delicious and nutritious but also easy on the wallet. Pork chops have become a favorite in our household for precisely these reasons. They add a nice variety to our protein rotation and are an affordable cut of meat that fits perfectly into a family budget. Today, I want to share my toddler-friendly fried pork chop recipe that has become a hit in our home.



  1. Tenderize the Pork Chops: Start by tenderizing the pork chops using the back of your knife. This helps make them more tender and easier for little ones to chew.
  2. Prepare the Batter: In a bowl, whisk together 2 eggs and a few tablespoons of flour until you achieve a pancake batter consistency. Season the batter with lemon pepper seasoning and a splash of soy sauce for flavor.
  3. Coat the Pork Chops: Dunk each pork chop into the batter, ensuring they are well coated. Then, press them into a plate of panko bread crumbs, taking your time to make sure they are thoroughly covered. This step is crucial for that perfect, crispy texture.
  4. Fry the Pork Chops: Heat a shallow pan with avocado oil over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, carefully add the pork chops and fry for about 5-7 minutes per side until they are golden brown and cooked through. Let them drain on a paper towel to remove excess oil.
  5. Serve: Cut the pork chops into strips, making them easy for toddlers to handle. Serve over a bed of white rice, which is a staple in our home at least three times a week. Add a bagged salad and some cut-up cucumbers for a complete, balanced meal. Feel free to serve with any vegetables your toddler likes to make it even more appealing.

Why This Recipe Works:


With this easy and delicious recipe, you’ll have a new, balanced meal to add to your dinner repertoire that both you and your toddler will love. Enjoy!

Happy cooking! 🍽️

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