About Kristen Andersen

Kristen Andersen is an artist, mother, and founder of the For Your Amusement. Kristen Andersen hails from the far away, exotic lands of New Jersey, where the diverse ecosystem both urban and natural have refined her to the gem she is today.

Kristen Andersen’s art education began in the barren landscape of Arizona State University where she briefly studied fine arts before continuing her studies in Chiang Mai Thailand. In Thailand, Kristen Andersen continued her fine arts studies with the now newly acquired skill of papermaking. Equipped with the knowledge needed to continue a practice in art, Kristen Andersen returned to New Jersey with an eagerness to create.

Kristen Andersen aims to add her value to society by inspiring the adults of a community to invest in creating an appealing, safe, warm and stimulating environment for the youth of our community, who will in turn develop and progress society as they age and eventually have children of their own.

For Your Amusement’s Mission

Entertainment is America’s number one export! As a proud American, founder Kristen Andersen, is pursuing her American Dream by sailing her own ship amongst the vast sea filled with US Entertainment ships for us humans to admire and behold. 

As an artist, Kristen Andersen’s goal for FYA is to provide an entertainment option to occupy the empty space-time between responsibilities and other everyday occurring life events. Art to fill the space on our walls, articles for our eyes to feast upon and for our brains to digest as a little mid-morning snack. Recipes to entertain family with. Podcasts and streams to fill the silence of the lonesome life of adult living. Comics, Cartoons, and Animations to stimulate that itch for a good adventure story. FYA is the art of story-telling through multiple mediums.