What if I’m Reincarnated as a Tree?

I detested the idea. “I wouldn’t have a voice,” I protested. To that they replied, “You’ve had a voice this entire time and what have you done with it?”      

I’ve felt it again…

That tiny little feeling .. well it’s not so tiny but you know what I mean. It’s been a while since anyone made me feel like I MUST see them. We haven’t even kissed yet and I’m already acting like this. This will probably end in disaster. But you know what … Whatever happens is […]

All we are is just a bunch of ideas.

We really are just walking talking ideas. We have these ideas about everything, These point of views about everything. Down to the very last detail. We form our universes with these “ideas of everything” and it doesn’t let us really see the world for what it is. We’re too busy focusing on the idea of […]